Come to Siargao’s Eddie’s Beach Resort where the restaurants serve not just food, but experiences. Oscillating between locally-grown ingredients and flavors brought for local marketing, the restaurant wi provide guests with an excellent dining experience.

But everything comes to the restaurant from local fish and seafood markets, vegetable farmers. You will, after all, eat a bit European. The taste of those international lives seems to permeate.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is the equal of its cuisine. Sit under a thatched roof and open to the rugged natural beauty of this part of the Philippines, guests dine with a view of both ocean and beach that provides one vivid sensation after another. Whether it is breakfast or dinner here, the setting imparts new meaning to every meal.

In fact, Fine service is a source of pride for Eddie’s Beach Resort. The staff is warm and thoughtful; suggestions usually include the name of a partner drink to complement your meal. A choice array of drinks from every region awaits guests at the bar, while a red wine or beer local can be savored here with every meal.

The excitement continues with special culinary evenings. From Beach Barbecues to Seafood Nights and Filipino Fiesta-themed Dinners, these events both chef-composed lessons that feed your senses.

Dining at Eddie’s Beach Resort Siargao takes more haughty than Haute cuisine. There are “flavors that flit between the borders of regions,” and unforgettable memories.