Eddie’s Beach Resort on Siargao Island is a perfect place to start your adventure into exciting activities without disturbance. Situated at the perimeter of all district favourites, Eddie’s offers different experiences catering for wilderness seekers, nature lovers and relaxation seekers alike.

It ‘s been a daydream for surfers to visit Siargao since months ago. This island is the Philippines’ Surfing Capital and, as such, it hosts a bunch of surf spots for all levels of players The resort’s beach is best for beginners to have lessons from experts while those who are a little more professional can go a mere hop, skip and jump to compete at world-famous Cloud 9.

Aside from the waves, Eddie’s Beach Resort offers myriad of water-based activities you can enjoy. Dive and snorkel in its crystal-clear water to find a thriving underwater world filled with coral reefs and marine life paddling made all the more leisurely by either kayak or stand-up paddleboard against the backdrop of the island’s magnificent seascape.

On the other hand, on top of the sea Eddie’s Beach Resort also offers guided tours of Siargao’s unique landscapes. Experience the natural beauty of the island’s lagoons, hidden caves and waterfalls. Also hiking or cycling tours will allow you to have a closer look at this area’s various types of trees and flowers, plus several resident animals nearby for observation accompanied by a visit to a local coconut farm can provide a truly unusual experience.

If you are looking for a relaxed vacation, the resort’s yoga & wellness program will give you a chance to reinvigorate your mind and body. On the beach you can join in yoga sessions or meditate to the sound of waves combined with peace.

At Eddie’s Beach Resort, cultural activities are also organized for guests to gain a deeper understanding of the Filipino life and customs. Learn how to cook local Filipino dishes, join the local community’s many group activities or just sit comfortably by the beach with a home-made cocktail and look as the sun goes down behind Maasin Shoreline in this beautiful environment.

Eddie’s Beach Resort Siargao: from adventure to sheer relaxation, there is always something special waiting for you at this paradise resort.